MPM Premium Ceramic Paste Pressure Pack

This ceramic paste is a highly versatile construction paste in a pressure pack with a unique double-piston system which is ready for use. Due to the special composition of the paste, it is suitable for a temperature of up to 1400 °C. The paste provides good corrosion protection and is free of metal particles, being the perfect assembly paste for screw joints of different materials such as steel bolts and aluminium. This ceramic paste is suitable as assembly paste for components and applications that are exposed to very high temperatures such as: ABS systems, brake parts, exhaust components, (glow) spark plugs, (flange) connections of furnaces in the steel industry. Also applicable as a thin lubrication film for low sliding speeds and very high load, high wear, oscillating movements and vibrations. Not to be used as roller bearing grease or ball bearing grease.

Packaging units PP200CR
Volume Bulk
per unit 12
per pallet -
EAN code 8714293020080 Volume per unit per pallet EAN code
PP200CR Bulk 12 - 8714293020080